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Helping you build your healthy money story one brick at a time!

With the right knowledge and a solid plan, you can begin your journey to financial freedom.   We provide all the building blocks needed to ensure a solid foundation for entering into adulthood.   Get started today!

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We're ready to help you take control of your financial future.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home while you take control of your financial future. 


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A Course for Financial Freedom.

Basic financial skills are not taught in the classroom. A lack of financial education can lead to inadequate emergency and retirement savings, high credit card debt and tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. 

We are redefining Financial Education one virtual class at a time. Using animation, combined with reading and comprehension testing, we are committed to helping fill those gaps. 

Increasing personal financial literacy not only elevates the learner but helps to raise the entire community.   

Virtual Courses

Learn the latest financial building blocks to help you plan, budget, and grow your wealth in virtual lessons that may be taken at your own pace.

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Charitable Giving

We believe that when we elevate one person's financial well-being we elevate the entire community.  That's why MoneyBricks is committed to donating one course to the charity of your choice for each one sold.  Everyone deserves the gift of financial freedom!

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Continued Learning

Expand on your core knowledge as new modules are released. You will also retain access to go back through your course as you begin utilizing your new skills in the real world.

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Let's educate the next generation!


Financial literacy is one of the most important skills missing in school curriculums today.

MoneyBricks is designed to help fill this gap.  Providing  the foundation that is needed to build a path to financial freedom.

 Join me in providing the next generation with these important tools.

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Looking for the perfect Birthday or Graduation gift idea?  

Give them the gift of financial literacy.  

Buy one for your loved one and gift one to the charity of your choice! 

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Gift Your Next Generation

Purchase as a gift for your loved ones. Give them a head start to financial freedom. These courses cover fundamental financial knowledge not taught in school.

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Take Your Own First Step

Financial literacy is a skill that should be in everyone's toolkit. There's no day like today to take your financial future into your own hands.

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What can you expect from this Financial Literacy Course?

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Regularly $159.99

  •  Foundation Course (9 foundational classes) 
  • Access to new classes each month to continue learning as long as you're a member
  • Affiliate opportunities
  • Free course donated to a student in need
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Look forward to continuous learning.

With your purchase you will receive access to our foundation course.  This course includes 9 classes that may be taken at the students own pace.  These beginner classes include everything you need to know to begin your healthy money journey. We will take you from understanding wealth, loans, credit scores and so much more.

We all have different learning styles so each module contains an animated video that goes along with the reading material and a quiz at the end so that you can test your understanding of each topic.

Upon completion of the 9 classes, you will receive a certificate and can build upon your learning from a catalog of additional mini courses. These additional learnings will follow the same format to ensure every learning style can continue their growth. 

A healthy money story requires knowledge in an ever changing financial landscape, and we are committed to continuing your education!

Raven Sumner

"All the things I wish I would have been taught in school beyond how to balance a checkbook."

Aimee Right

"I never thought learning about finances could be so easy! I feel like kids and adults could take this."

Jamie Sonet

"I love that I can go at my own pace. As a single mom, I really need this flexibility in my ever-changing schedule."

John Grasso

"Until financial curriculum is required in schools, this is a great course to fill in the gaps!"

Bridget Miller

"I'm so happy to be able to provide my grandchildren with skills for their futures."

Dante Carter

"Imagine a new generation without crippling student loan and credit card debt!"

Have fun while learning about financial freedom now.

You don't have to be a finance enthusiast. This course will begin with the building blocks of financial literacy. When it comes to learning about finances, the sooner the better.

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