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Venedy Neal
Founder and CEO
MoneyBricks LLC

Who We Are

Our Mission: Building Healthy Money Stories, One Brick at a Time

Hello there, I'm Venedy Neal, the founder of MoneyBricks. My own journey of financial confusion and a burning desire to understand the complex world of personal finance led me to create MoneyBricks - an AI-powered platform that aims to simplify personal finance and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to build a strong financial foundation.

Our Story

My financial awakening occurred when I attended a masterclass with Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. Her advice to identify a problem you've experienced and then solve it, resonated deeply with me. Despite a well-paying job, I found myself struggling with financial stability due to a lack of education. This understanding led to the inception of MoneyBricks, a platform designed to ensure no one else has to navigate their financial journey uninformed.

Our Approach

At MoneyBricks, we believe in building a strong foundation before venturing into complex financial concepts. Our journey begins with a comprehensive 9-module course that covers all the basics of personal finance. Once you complete these modules, our entire course catalog opens up for you to delve deeper into each topic at your own pace. Our courses are designed to build on each other, helping you construct your healthy money story, one brick at a time.

Our Edge

MoneyBricks isn't your typical financial education platform. It's a one-person mission, powered by advanced AI technology. I built this platform and its comprehensive curriculum single-handedly, leveraging AI to create course material that is not just thorough, but adaptable to different learning styles.

Our Commitment

While we're new and our community is small, we're dedicated to every single member's financial success. Each step forward is a victory for us. Join us as we build a financially literate community, one brick at a time. Your journey towards financial freedom starts here, with MoneyBricks.

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