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Hello, I'm Venedy Neal.


Founder and CEO
MoneyBricks LLC

Who We Are

MoneyBricks began after I participated in a Masters Class with Sara Blakey, the founder of Spanx and now billionaire business mogul.  Sara presented that if you truly wanted to create something amazing to look for an everyday problem that you have personally experienced and attempt to solve it.   The problem that I had experienced every day of my life immediately came to mind: MONEY.  And not just a lack of money but anything that ever had to do with it. 

A lifetime of ignorance and poor choices flash before my eyes when I think of it.  A single mother with poor credit, no savings and no financial stability for my children or myself.  What were the secrets that other people knew that I didn’t about finances and generating wealth? Simply put, I was never taught. 

Coming from a poor family where I was the first to graduate high school and the first to attend college there was no one in my family with money. 

I grew up with the “rob Peter pay Paul” mentality because there was never any leftover to discuss saving, let alone future proofing. We could barely eat or clothe ourselves.   Why wasn't it taught in school?  Ten of thousands in student loans for university study, yet it wasn't taught there either.

You can only imagine what came next after I landed my first six figure job.  Should have been plenty right?  Wrong!  I was the poorest I had ever been, it just looked fancier to the outside world.  How could this be?  I was miserable with my new found fortune, stressed to the max.  The more I spent without investing or saving the longer I was chained to this "rob Peter pay Paul" life with no end in sight.

If only there had been a course provided where all of the information was included to give me the proper tools and create a foundation for the future.  It would include the basic building blocks of personal finance. Something that could be a guide, simply taught and could help steer people in the direction of financial freedom. 

MoneyBricks was born. Our mission:  Helping people to create their healthy money story one brick at a time 

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