We will be adding new mini-courses to the catalog

Coming soon: 

Renting your first place:

Lesson includes how to determine eligibility, read a lease and make decisions regarding having roommates or not and much more.

Buying your first home:

Determine eligibility and credit worthiness, who should I talk to, first time homebuyer resources, different types of loans and much more.

First job:            

Things to consider when choosing an employer, forms needed to apply, how to fill out tax forms once you have accepted the job and much more.

Buying your first car:

Calculating what you can afford.  The different types of loans and lenders as well as understanding the true cost of owning a vehicle.

What to do if you are struggling to make it:

What assistance is possible and resources for things such as:  rental deposit, food, energy assistance and much more.

Starting your own business:  Where to start and things to know

Investment brokers vs self-directed brokerage:

Understanding what brokers do and also what options are available for you to invest yourself.

Crypto Currency:

Understanding what crypto currencies are.

Credit scores:

How to create wealth and save money while continuing to build a healthy score.

Credit cards: 

How to use responsibly, max cashback and perks and continue to build a healthy credit score.     


What is it, how to avoid, how to determine if you are eligible and more